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 High School SUCKS...

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Si3ge Ares
Si3ge Ares

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PostSubject: High School SUCKS...   Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:49 pm

Hey guys, Si3ge Ares here, and I wanted to talk about why I think high school sucks hardcore d**k...


There are too many times when I hear that some girl had broken up with her "boyfriend" and that she's so sad about it. The truth is is that she is just a girl who wants some attention because she thinks that she can become popular because of it. I personally try to stay away from that shit, but it eventually comes around to me. I already have enough drama in my life, if I wanted some drama I'd watch CSI or Law & Order.


At least in my school, there are people who are just plain retarded. They are the stoners and the alcoholics who think that life will be so easy, when in truth they're just too high as fuck to realize it. The only pro about these guys is that they have the BEST fucking stories you could ever hear in your life. They are also really good assets to if you need to get a "certain object"...


These are the people who take high school so fucking seriously that they practically shit themselves over a FUCKING 10 POINT HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. They're like, "I can't hang out tonight man, I got Advanced Chemistry homework, Advanced Biology homework, Physics homework, etc. Sorry man , maybe later..." It only comes in handy when you need help on an assignments that you really have a hard time on...


This one could differ from one school to the other. My high school is really awesome when it comes to teachers. The majority of them are chill as fuck, but there are the assholes of the group. I HATE the teachers that take attendance before the bell rings to start class, and even though you were on time they still make you tardy. WTF... The teacher that is the hardest to deal with are the ones that non-stop talk about their kid/kids, and never actually teach you what you need to know for the class. Those teachers can go fuck themselves.


Now, the principal at my school, well, let's not go there. Let's just say that if I were to say "fuck" around the principal, I would have to fight just to get 4 hours in Saturday School (that's where you sit in a classroom from 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday, and you could only serve 1-4 hours) THe thing is though, if I said the same thing around the superintendent of the school district, he would laugh his ass off. See the difference? Yeah, that's some bullshit...

The point I'm trying to make is that even though the shit I said above is true, high school is some of the best years of your life and enjoy it while it lasts. Believe it or not, it does fly by really fast...
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High School SUCKS...
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